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Q: How do I know if your services are a good fit for me?


A: Finding a therapist/counselor that you feel comfortable with can be an intimating process. Where do you start with finding a good therapist? How do you get a good referral? During the first few sessions please be honest with how you feel the relationship is working for you.  If for any reason my style and/or treatment approach does not work for you I can assist in helping you find another treatment provider. You should never feel like you are stuck or have to be committed to the first therapist you meet with.


Q: How many sessions will I need to attend for?


A: There is no set amount of sessions you need to attend. That answer is really up to you! Many of my clients attend regularly (weekly or bi-weekly), particularly when first starting with services. However, others may come once a month. This decision may depend on what you are looking to get out of treatment. This is an important discussion we can have together when you first come in.


Q: How long is a therapy session?


A: Sessions are typically about 50 minutes long. Adjustments can always be made on a case by case basis- please let me know if this is the case!


Q: What should I expect during my first session?


A: Please be prepared to come a few minutes early to fill out some paperwork. The first session is a place to discuss what to expect out of therapy and how therapy works in my office. The rest of session will focus on what is bringing you into session and how I can best support you with your goals for treatment.