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Mental Health in Schools

I’ve recently come across the “Child Mind Institute” which an amazing resource for therapists, educators, and parents. Their research has been included in a recent series about mental health in schools by NPR.


As you have read in my bio, one of my biggest passions lies in working with our school aged youth including how to best support their needs in school settings. In my 5+ years working in schools, I have seen some districts who have numerous resources for students struggling with mental health issues who put those resources to good use and I have seen other districts drop the ball and have difficulty even recognizing when their students are asking for and needing mental health support.


I currently provide individualized school based consultation for my clients when needed ( which can look like attending IEP meetings with families, consulting and making clinical/behavior recommendations to staff about how to work with your child, recommending more assessments when relevant, and advocating for your child to have a successful individualized educational plan (IEP) with specific accommodations and services that are appropriate for them). Please give me a call if you are interested in any of these services and I’d be happy to discuss with you further! Or click on my link under “parent/school consulting” to learn more.



Mental health disorders are the most common health issues faced by our nation’s school-aged children. One in five children suffers from a mental health or learning disorder, and 80% of chronic mental disorders begin in childhood.


The prevalence of mental health disorders among young people in this country approximates that of adults, and their impact may be even greater in youth because these disorders strike during critical periods of educational, emotional and social development.


Given the prevalence of mental health issues in schools it makes sense to focus on prevention and intervention efforts! Access to mental health services in school based health centers leads to a tenfold increase in treatment for mental health or substance abuse.



“2016 Child Mind Institute Children’s Mental Health Report”


*Please consider consulting with me if you have questions about the mental health supports your child may need at school.*

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