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A recent study, “Stress in America: Are Teens Adopting Adults’ Stress Habits?” published 2/11/2014, found that teens may even experience higher levels of stress than ad
ults !


This is a frightening fact to think about considering teens have not yet learned the skills that most adults have to manage the everyday stressors of adulthood. Everything is changing emotionally and physically for teens, not to mention their brain is still growing. The development of the pre-frontal cortex, which is happening throughout adolescence, directly affects teens ability to process how their decision making affects them in the long and short term.


April has a unique clinical expertise and passion when it comes to working with teens and adolescents. She has spent the last 5 years working directly with teens and adolescents in school districts (private and public) across San Diego. She is aware of the pressures put on teenagers to succeed at all costs and that teenagers’ success if often measured by their test scores, ability to fit in socially, grades and lists of extracurricular activities that will get them into an elite college. Other pressures teenagers may be battling include low self esteem, peer pressure, bullying, heartache for the first time, body image issues, substance abuse, impulsive behaviors, anxiety and/or depression, and increased fighting in the home. Through all of these stressors adolescence is also a time when they are experimenting with who they are and who they want to be.  We want to equip them with the self-esteem, healthy thinking patterns, and coping skills to be resilient young adults who are ready for any obstacle that is thrown at them.


Most often in my work with teens they are feeling completely misunderstood and not heard by the people who care about them the most. All the while I see parents often doing their best to navigate how to work with their teen without realizing they are often making the situation worse with the best of intentions. It is among this discord and chaos where I enjoy jumping in and working with teens and/or parents to help restore communication patterns and help that teen get on a path where they feel successful, self-assured and confident moving forward into young adulthood with the skills to help them manage distorted or unhelpful thinking patterns, impulsive behaviors, or symptoms of anxiety/depression.